Roller Curtain Wash

Roller blinds are more sensitive curtains than other curtains. Other curtains can be easily washed in houses, roller blinds should be removed by experts and should be washed in a suitable place.
It is very important to wash these curtains with high prices.

Rollar Curtain

How to wash the roller curtain?

Firstly, it should be removed carefully without damaging the blinds. The dismantled roller blind is rendered rula. Then, the washing process is started on a large floor.
The first thing to do for washing is shampoo. Natural shampoo which does not damage the roller blind should be preferred.

Roller curtain wash

Washing begins on a large surface. With the help of a suitable washing brush, the roller blinds are washed with each side evenly.
Rinse after washing is very important. As the residue of the shampoo will damage the curtain over time, it is rinsed with plenty of water.
If there is a stain on the screen, it is interfered with the stain remover. Getting professional support for the stain is usually the right choice.

The washed curtain is hung on a high suspension to dry.

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